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Why Wellbeats?

In 2008 WELLBEATS™, formerly Fitness On Request, introduced to the world the concept of the virtual group fitness platform. This was the start of a journey, not just in creating a product, but in changing an industry and pioneering a category that had never been touched before.

 Since then, Wellbeats has continued to lead innovation in program development, delivery methods, software applications and more. Wellbeats offers intelligent, intentional programming that can best meet the needs of a wide market audience through a combination of proprietary and exclusive partnership offerings.

Wellbeats solutions are removing traditional constraints, allowing facilities to meet the needs of more participants, more effectively through: targeted class offerings, unlimited accessibility, strategic measurement, meaningful connections, and a truly exciting experience.

WELLBEATS™ is uniquely staffed with mix of wellness, group fitness, technology, and marketing experts, each considering it a responsibility to empower customers and their customers to reach their full potential through our wellness solutions that are unmatched in the industry today.

With over 1,200 installation in the US Wellbeats is quickly attracting attention of all health, fitness and leisure operators across the UK and Ireland with over 30 installations since the Spring of this year.

Wellbeats provides options to meet your needs no matter who you are or how many facilities you operate. You can choose from a fixed system dedicated to one location with full customer interface, or you can opt for a reduced cost system that still provides a great virtual class experience but takes away all customer interface and this works perfectly for some operators. Finally, we have the portable group fitness system that you can wheel around and use in different rooms as and when you need it. No matter which system you choose each will deliver a great virtual group fitness experience for your customers.

Watch this quick video to give you a flavour of what Wellbeats has to offer you.




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