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Tees Valley Innovation is sole distribution Partner for Wellbeats in the UK and Ireland. We have dedicated staff on the ground to meet your needs and support you along the way. Our installation partner is also UK based and has installed over 30 systems in the UK this year alone.

System picture - wellbeats

Virtual Group Fitness is gaining real traction in health and fitness clubs and leisure facilities across the UK and Ireland. Why not take a little time to see what it has to offer you and your business.

How does it work?

  • We place an interactive wall mounted kiosk next to your studio.
  • High quality group fitness content is uploaded to the kiosk (it does not stream from the internet to the screen)
  • The kiosk is linked to a projector, speakers and large electronic screen inside the studio.
  • Excellent high quality, cutting edge class content (visit our Wellbeats Classes page)
  • You can design a group fitness programme to start automatically at pre determined times, no staff intervention required (20 classes or 60 classes per week, its your choice)
  • Your customers can book a class on-line, they can also
    choose to take a class immediately if the studio is free.kiosk
  • There is a fingerprint recognition reader on the kiosk allowing you to record attendance
  • When your customer books a class on line it automatically updates their social media giving your club free exposure to a wider audience.
  • Back office reporting and management of the system
  • Full health and safety advice before every class.
  • Advertising opportunities

Other important things to note

  • It complements your live class timetable and they can be programmed side by side.
  • Provides added variety and
    volume to your group fitnessscreen
  • Helps control ever increasing instructor costs
  • Provides your customer with choice and convenience
  • Delivers a great return on investment
  • Helps reduce the average cost per participant (£)
  • Great sales and retention tool
  • Excellent return in investment
  • Very appealing to those new to group fitness
  • Great tool to help your new members form an exercise habit in their first 6 weeks
  • Additional tool for your PT instructors

Other Virtual Solutions

IMG_1304Portable system – our portable system provides you with a virtual group fitness system on wheels.

  • Interactive touch screen kiosk
  • Projector
  • Twin speakers
  • All fitted into an easy to move and durable trolley system

This system provides great flexibility to provide virtual group fitness in multiple locations

Studio Server – if you do not require customer interface but you want to deliver your own programme to start automatically then the studio server is a great solution for you.

  • Studio server
  • Projector
  • Twin speakers
  • Projector

The benefits of the Studio Server are the same as the main Wellbeats system excluding any customer interface (no facility to book classes, no online access, no facility to start a class on request).

Watch this short video for a flavour of what Wellbeats can offer you.

 Visit Wellbeats website 




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